For our most recent podcast episode, we dedicated over an hour and a half to celebrating one of the greatest video games ever, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. As part of that celebration, our Roundtable Moderator, Peyton, gathered four panelists for an epic discussion the likes of which the ZUBC had never before produced! Unfortunately, it was too epic to fit into our regular episode without being cut down drastically; almost forty minutes is missing from that cut.

Have no fear, though, for this is your opportunity to hear the full, hour-long discussion, with all of the yelling and shenanigans that you missed out on in the main podcast episode!

Thanks to the panelists:

Peyton Garrett (a.k.a. EmperorP) serves as moderator for this roundtable discussion.

(NOTE: If you already listened to the preview in the podcast episode, the new stuff starts at 15:41.)

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