EX Champion Revali’s Song


Note: You can only begin this quest after completing all four Divine Beasts AND purchasing the Champion’s Ballad DLC.

This quest begins by locating the shrine pedestal directly East to the peak of Cuho Mountain and directly South of Rito Village. Kass will be playing his accordion next to the pedestal, so listen for his music. Once the pedestal is activated, three new shrines will appear scattered about the entire Hebra region. Each obelisk on the pedestal will have a picture of a cut of the world map with each shrine location on it. You will need to locate and complete all three shrines to proceed in this quest. Do note that you can complete these three shrines in any order that you like.

Below is a guide to reaching and completing each of the three shrines for Champion Revali’s Song.

After completing each of the three shrines, head on over to Divine Beast Vah Medoh for the final challenge.

Once you interact with Divine Beast Vah Medoh, you will be taken to the illusionary realm where you will relive your fight with Windblight Ganon. Check out the link below for the guide on how to defeat Windblight Ganon.


EX Windblight Ganon

After defeating Windblight Ganon, you will have successfully completed Champion Revali’s Song and acquire Revali’s Gale +, which reduces the cool down time on Revali’s Gale.

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