Noe Rajee Shrine: The Four Winds

Reaching the Shrine

NOTE: It is highly recommended to have a lot of stamina to reach this shrine.

To reach this shrine, first start by talking with Teba at Rito Village. He will mention Revali’s personal challenge at the Flight Range. Teleport to the Sha Warvo Shrine just South of the Flight Range. Once at the flight range, you will notice several glowing targets scattered about the range. You will need to shoot four of these targets while in focus when shooting you bow. One of the easier places to find a gathering of four targets is in the Southeast region of the Flight Range.

Once you strike down four targets with your bow, the Shrine will appear at the bottom of the Flight Range in the Northeast region.


Completing the Shrine

When you first enter the shrine, shoot the glowing switch to activate the air gust. Proceed directly up the air gust to reach the main room of the shrine.  You will notice a large structure rotating with four air gust platforms around it. Your goal is to activate the four air gusts that reside on that structure.

  1. Glide directly towards the rotating structure and look for an opening near the bottom of the structure that contains an already active air gust. Move into that opening and glide to the top.
  2. At the top, you will find a glowing switch, hit that switch, and the first air gust will activate on the rotating platform.
  3. Before beginning to move up the rotating structure, look for a door with a fan below it. Wait for the structure to rotate so that one of the air gust platforms moves the fan and thus opens the door. Inside, a glowing switch will appear that you must hit. Once hit, the second air gust directly above will activate.
  4. Start moving up the rotating platform, eventually you should see a glowing switch behind bars. Using your bow, shoot the glowing switch from outside of the bars. Once hit, the third air gust will activate.
  5. Bring yourself down to one of the fixed platforms with air gusts on it. Equip one of your Smart Bombs and wait for the rotating structure to reach the point where a wall of breakable blocks is above you. Let go of your Smart Bomb and detonate it when it has reached the blocks. Go inside the small room that was originally blocked by those blocks and hit the glowing switch.
  6. Start working up the rotating platform by gliding on each of the air gusts that you have activated. Once you reach the top of the rotating platform, look directly opposite of where Noe Rajee is located. You will notice another tall platform with a chest on top of it. Glide directly towards the platform and make your way behind the platform. There you will find an opening with an activated air gust inside. Proceed into that opening and you will have access to a chest containing Shield of the Mind’s Eye.
  7. Once the chest is acquired, glide back towards the top of the rotating platform and then towards the platform where Noe Rajee sits.
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