EX Windblight Ganon

Once you enter into the illusionary realm, you will have to relive your fight with Windblight Ganon, however you will be reduced to using only the following items…

  • Feathered Edge
  • Falcon Bow
  • Duplex Bow
  • Phrenic Bow
  • Arrow x100
  • Bomb Arrow x5
  • Level 2 Snowquill Armor Set
  • Wildberry, Endura Shroom, Raw Bird Drumstick

For this fight, conservation is key to victory, so utilization of your runes and accuracy with you items is paramount.


Phase I

During this phase, Windblight Ganon will make arm cannon shots from the skies and then periodically teleport to the ground and perform upswing attacks.

  • When he performs these low attacks, use your Feathered Edge to deal direct combat damage.
  • When Windblight Ganon takes to the skies, glide on the upward air gusts and perform critical combat damage to knock him back down.
  • Once your Feathered Edge breaks, continue to deal damage with your bow and Remote Bombs, but save your Bomb Arrows for later in this fight.


Phase II

Once Windblight Ganon reaches half of his health, he will begin to summon small enemies to aid in his attacks.

  • When these enemies are summoned, use your Duplex Bow to take them out. Then immediately focus on Windblight Ganon.
  • For the duration of this portion of the fight, take full advantage of gliding then using your focus ability with the bow.
  • When Windblight Ganon moves to high points in the sky, switch to your Phrenic bow and utilize its zoom-in capability to strike critical combat damage.
  • If he tries to use his big arm cannon shot, hit him with one of your Bomb arrows.
  • Continue to utilize these tactics on Windblight Ganon and eventually you will have conquered this foe.
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