Shira Gomar Shrine: Aim for Stillness

Reaching the Shrine

To reach this shrine, first talk with Rito Elder Kaneli at Rito Village. He will talk about a dragon that flies through Tanagar Canyon. Teleport to the Hebra Tower, and glide directly Southwest across Tanagar Canyon until you reach an elevated cliff on the South side of the Canyon. Once there, look for a campsite that has a burning campfire (there will be a tall line of smoke emanating from the fire). At the campsite you will find a Rito Guard by the name of Mazli who notes that the dragon Dinraal only appears at night. Wait by the campfire until midnight and around 1AM. During this time, Dinraal will be traveling through the canyon. Wait until you are in gliding range of Dinraal’s head and shoot an arrow at one of his horns. This will cause the shrine to appear. Optionally, you can pick up the horn.


Completing the Shrine

When you first enter the shrine, proceed across the series of air gust platforms until you reach an air gust that pushes air towards a wall of breakable blocks. Use your Remote Bombs to destroy the barrier.

  1. Once past the barrier, you will see a tube that you can place a spherical Remote Bomb inside of. Place a Remote Bomb inside and detonate the bomb when it reaches the wall of breakable blocks.
  2. Proceed up the path by gliding until you reach a rotating platform with two Remote Bomb tubes. In front of each tube, there will be an angled air gust that moves a fan which closes a gate in front of a wall of breakable blocks. Wait until one of the air gusts is a few seconds away from hitting the fan, then use Stasis on the fan.
  3. Immediately switch to your Remote Bombs and place it inside of the tube. You will need to time this placement so that the bomb leaves the rotating platform and reaches the wall of breakable blocks. Once your Remote Bomb reaches the wall, detonate the bomb to clear the pathway.
  4. Now, using Stasis again, freeze the fan, and glide across the pathway you just cleared.
  5. Glide on the angled air gusts and follow the path until you reach Shira Gomar.

if you turn left at the first air gust platform, you will find a platform with a chest. Inside that chest contains 10 Bomb Arrows.

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