Kiah Toza Shrine: Master the Orb

Reaching the Shrine

To reach this shrine, you will need to reach the top of a shield-surfing slope which is located just South of Hebra Peak. At the top of the slope, you should see a glowing blue portal. Begin shield-surfing towards it, and once you reach the portal, another portal will appear ahead of you. Continue to traverse down the slope, reaching each portal and dodging enemies as you descend. Eventually, once you complete the challenge, the shrine will appear inside of the Pikida Stonegrove.


Completing the Shrine

When you first enter the shrine, proceed directly towards the air gust. Glide up to as high as you can on the tower. You should reach a platform with a small pool of water and a movable block.

  1. Using Cryonis, place a block of ice directly next to the block, and climb atop the block. Then carefully place a second Cryonis block next to the movable block so that it can lift up the block. Once the block is lifted, ascend up the ladder and the incline. At the top, you will find a chest with a Falcon Bow inside.
  2. Now, descend back the path that the glowing orbs are taking on the structure. As you descend, you should find a spot where the orb falls off of the structure. You should also notice two magnetic plates in the vicinity. Use Magnesis to position the two plates to block the orb from falling off of the path.
  3. If you continue down the path, you notice a gap in the pathway that the orb will fall into if not filled. Use Magnesis to position the two magnetic plates nearby to fill the gap.
  4. Proceed back to the bottom of the shrine where the air gust is located. Using Cryonis, create two Cryonis blocks that will make a path for the glowing orb to travel from the rotating platform to end of the path.
  5. Now, proceed up the path where the conveyor belt is located. At the platform above the conveyor belt, there is a pressure switch. Step on that switch to reverse the conveyor belt in the direction that the glowing orb needs to travel. Wait for the glowing orb to clear the conveyor belt, then use Stasis on the platform below the conveyor belt. If you don’t use Stasis on this platform, the glowing orb will rotate this platform and fall.
  6. Once the glowing orb clears the platform under Stasis, it should continue to roll down the two Cryonis blocks you made. If not, adjust the Cryonis blocks and repeat the process.
  7. Once the orb reaches the end of the path, return to the platform where the air gust is located. There a pressure switch exists. Step on it, and the orb will be launched to the platform where the recess is located. Then, the path to Kiah Toza will open.
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