Triforce Tributes: We’ve selected our Zelda video winners
by on February 27, 2017

We’re at the tail end of Triforce Tributes, our fan-based celebration to wrap up Zelda’s 30th anniversary, and we’re here to close it out with the winning videos from the final week. Each of these winners will receive a set of art prints thanks to Nintendo Australia.

These videos all took a lot of time to create, edit, and produce, and so we encourage everyone to check out the gallery to view them all. Unfortunately, we could only choose 10 people to win prizes, but we feel each of these winners captures the passion of what it means to be a true Zelda fan.

Legend of Germany

Legend of Germany’s stop-motion video was seriously laugh-out-loud funny. In fact, it caused us to go onto their channel and watch the other stop-motion videos there, and we laughed at those too! I have never once thought about amiibo Zelda being trapped in her packaging as being encased in Ganondorf’s magic crystal, but now I’ll think twice.

Rutana’s Boxenstopp

We simply cannot fathom just how much time, energy, and effort has gone into crafting this. Minecraft is a world where you can create anything, and to fact that so much effort went to obtaining all of the resources to make this, all while surviving in this game is utterly incredible. Rutana, you have our serious respect and admiration.


We’ve featured ZeldaandFairies as one of our honorable mentions in a previous week of Triforce Tributes, but she’s an absolute winner this time around. She is such an ardent fan and demonstrates her love for Zelda is so many ways. She is a huge collector of merchandise, she plays music, she’s an artist, she maintains her own website, she roleplays, she crafts; what doesn’t she do? Kudos!


Sometimes all you need to evoke that Zelda feeling is to get away from civilization and head out into the woods and explore. And what better way to do that than going around everywhere dressed as Link… just doing Link things. It brings back so many memories of the games. But Link, maybe you should focus a little more on your actual quest since that moon is about to fall!

Jean-Philippe Haan

Two weeks ago we revealed the winners of our Zelda music week, but Jean-Philippe did something musical that didn’t quite fit into that week. Instead of using music from one of the games, Jean-Philippe created a new song from scratch. It’s still Zelda-inspired, and you can hear those classic Zelda melodies and countermelodies surfacing. This melody along with the A Link to the Past art took us on an emotional thrill ride.

Layla Hamad

Stop-motion photography is incredibly difficult to do; it’s certainly time-consuming, but Layla makes it look super easy. Deku Link fidgets nervously in Clock Town, really uncertain of what to do. It really feels like a character come to life as he figures out how to reach the top of the moon. Well done!


Shatiel takes us for a ride by playing the song “Ballad of the Goddess” from Skyward Sword. However, this isn’t just any music video. One of Shatiel’s companions takes on the role of Zelda herself in a stunning costume and journeys through the world exploring as she undertakes her quest. This multimedia journey is truly a work of passion and dedication to the series.


While Perler beads might ordinarily fall under the scope of crafts, seeing the creation of the sprite art of Link from A Link to the Past being created one “pixel” at a time evokes a different sense of wonder. The anticipation for us was watching to see which parts would fill in next, even if we knew what the final result was going to be very early on.


Conterez in his video takes us on a very personal ride over what The Legend of Zelda series means to him. Starting from the very first game and taking us through the entire 30-year span of the series, we felt that it was very fitting to give Conterez a prize since we’re concluding the 30-year anniversary with this celebration.

Brian Wilson

YouTube is full of people who take imagery from their favorite franchises and set it to music from a favorite artist, and Brian uses this style for his video. Set to the song Oceans by the band Evanescence, his video showcases memorable scenes from many Zelda games. Needless to say, we were incredibly nostalgic!

Congratulations to the winners! You’ll soon be able to add some special 30th anniversary art prints to your collections. You should all have received an email by now with the subject line “Zelda Universe Triforce Tributes: Videos.” If you haven’t received it, please contact from the same email address that you used to submit your video.

David Johnson
David Johnson, a.k.a. "The Missing Link," was once the webmaster of both Zelda: The Grand Adventures and ZeldaBlog. He works as a software engineer in the games industry. David also pontificates about Zelda, writes features and guides for ZU, and obsesses about CD-i.