Triforce Tributes: Our musical honorable mentions celebrate Zelda tunes
by on February 14, 2017

Yesterday we announced the ten winners of Triforce Tributes’ music week. Today, we want to feature some more entries that we loved as our honorable mentions. Triforce Tributes is a celebration that’s rounding out Zelda’s 30th anniversary year by covering all things Zelda fandom. We asked fans to submit Zelda music they’d made, and we received some incredible submissions. You can view all of them in this gallery, but we want to highlight these ones today.

John Turesson

This funky adaption of Link’s Awakening’s overworld theme is super chillaxed. The original theme fills us with a sense of adventure and the pressing need to awaken the Wind Fish. This remix makes us want to lie back on one of Koholint’s beaches with a cocktail in one hand and a good book in the other.

Thomandy Piano

Clocking in at just under eight minutes, Thomandy’s piano medley of music from Skyward Sword seamlessly combines several of the game’s themes into a single piece that is a delight to listen to. It will take you on a journey back through the game, including pieces such as the Ballad of the Goddesses, Ghirahim’s theme, and Fi’s lament.


We loved this remix of the dungeon theme from A Link to the Past. The original dungeon theme creates a great atmosphere within the game, but it isn’t a particularly memorable song on its own. Pokérus takes this piece of music and blows us away with how enjoyable it is to listen to. If this was being played by a band on stage, we’d be rocking out hard.


Musty wanted to play the Lost Woods theme on the ocarina specifically for Triforce Tributes, but is only just beginning to learn the instrument so instead recorded all of the notes individually and spent four days editing them together to create the tune. There’s also some sound effects from the game and tapping on the desk mixed in. We can’t help but applaud the amount of effort that Musty put in to this.

Chuck Slaughter Roffiel

Chuck’s rendition of Zelda’s Lullaby is flawless. The acoustic guitar perfectly compliments the ocarina, and the result is an improvement on the original theme that’s so subtle you’d think it came straight from one of the games.


This guitar cover of the ending theme from Ocarina of Time brings together several different guitars. The first part of the piece is an excellent cover and remains faithful to the original music, but we especially loved the way SlashBib rocks out after switching to the Lost Woods part of the track.


We thought that this keyboard cover of the Lost Woods theme from A Link to the Past was great. It’s not fancy, but it doesn’t need to be; StarLink puts their own personal touch on the music and plays it well.


Harpsona’s rendition of Epona’s theme on the harp is beautiful, pure, and relaxing. She plucks each string perfectly and makes it look incredibly easy, yet the harp is not the easiest instrument to master.


This is a really dramatic take on the Minuet of Forest that feels almost otherworldly. When you consider that the original piece is a short, super simple ocarina tune, the creativity that was poured into this version is astounding.

Ace Waters

This is the second version of the dungeon theme from A Link to the Past that we’re featuring here, and once again we were blown away by how this relatively unexciting piece of music has been transformed into something that’s a joy to listen to. Ace’s rendition is moody and dramatic and has been injected with a personal flair.

Shona Johnson
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