We are all obsessed with the news of a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, analyzing the footage or all the old concept art we can get our hands on. While we can go through the trailer frame by frame, it’s much harder to make out the music and sounds.

We can hear birds, an organ playing, ominous evil tendril sound effects, and a heartbeat as the lights and patterns that kept evil in check fade away. Yet that all pales in comparison to the unnerving chanting running through part of the trailer.

It’s hard to tell what’s being chanted. Maybe you think it’s actually being played backwards. You wouldn’t be the only one as YouTube user Loogi Boy isolated and reversed the audio.

Yeah, that is terrifying. Did you hear anything though? Some people believe there’s whispering, possibly Fi’s voice. Others claim to hear “Oh please, find the body” or “It’s not our fault, it wasn’t us.” Whether we are actually hearing words or not, the reversed audio is going to be the soundtrack to our nightmares for a bit. Good thing Cadence of Hyrule is out tomorrow with enough remixes to drown out the fear.

Source YouTube
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