Nintendo of Japan recently shared, via its official Twitter account, a video walkthrough of Hyrule Castle from Breath of the Wild, painstakingly recreated in Minecraft.

Screenshot of the Sanctum in Breath of the Wild's Hyrule Castle, built in Minecraft.

The castle is another feat by Team-Kyo, a Japan-based Minecraft group officially recognized by Microsoft that is known for its impressive Minecraft builds. The team reconstructed Hyrule Castle as it might have looked before the second Great Calamity, pulling detailed references from in-game screenshots and official data. Of the team’s 17 members, 13 worked on the massive render, completing it in less than two months.

Screenshot of the exterior of Breath of the Wild's Hyrule Castle, built in Minecraft.

Team-Kyo was interviewed about the project by Nintendo of Japan, and a translation of the interview via Siliconera can be found here. Nintendo’s official promotion of the work isn’t surprising considering the company’s friendly partnership with Microsoft, who acquired the Minecraft intellectual property in 2014.

See Hyrule Castle in all its blocky, crafted glory in the video below:

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