The upcoming Labo VR goggles have gotten more intriguing after news of Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild getting updates to make them compatible with the cardboard kit.

Super Mario Odyssey will be what is described as an experience, with three playable worlds in a much smaller package to the main game. As for Zelda, things are much more interesting, as you can play through Breath of the Wild seemingly in its entirety, minus pre-rendered cutscenes. You can take a peek at what you can expect in the Tweet below.

This looks very interesting, though I worry about the way all the promotional material shows you needing to hold the tablet to your face, rather than have a strap so you can wear it like a headset. That may be a good thing though if you worry about having your Switch held up by a cardboard visor you built yourself.

The Labo Toy-Con 04 VR kit releases April 12, 2019, with the update to these two games arriving two weeks later on April 25.

Source Twitter