I love Makar. Like, he’s one of my favorite Wind Waker characters ever. I tell you this because the story I’m about to share is about the time I did something stupid, and poor little Makar got tangled up in the mess. It was a total accident and I feel really bad about it. But also it was hilarious.

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I was playing Wind Waker with my friends one day; it was my file and I was on my umpteenth playthrough. I was working my way through the Wind Temple and enjoying just being with Makar because, as mentioned, he is one of my favorite little cuties. Now my friends have played and beaten Wind Waker long before I even got it, but I still had to show off my little buddy — I mean, having Makar with you is the only good part about the Wind Temple (oh, and Molgera). My absolute favorite part about playing with Makar is listening to him jingle as he walks. It is cute. It is hysterical. I have nothing to apologize for. Well, I had nothing to apologize for.

Oh, you won’t be easing anyone’s regrets, Makar.

Whenever a part of the temple would require me to move Makar somewhere, instead of having Link pick him up and carry him for the easier parts, I would go out of my way to play the “Command Melody” and jingle-walk Makar all the way to his destination. This worked out fine for the most part, so long as the area was clear of any and all monsters, but I would later learn that the monsters weren’t the only thing I needed to look out for. 

I was nearing the end of the temple when my friends came over, and I, of course, had to show off Makar’s little jingling waddle. I used the “Command Melody” and took control of my Korok friend and made him start to jog. Now, this wouldn’t be a problem if this weren’t the room with the sliding blades. My one friend was warning me to stop goofing around, but I did not heed his warning.

As Makar, I waddled my way up to one of the blades, beginning to tap the “A” button to make him hover above it with his little leaf propeller. However, I timed the jump poorly and the incoming blade moved faster than I could and thus began the brutal onslaught of Makar.  We all laughed guiltily. It was funny, but it was also kind of sad at the same time. Each time the blade would launch to the opposite wall, he’d let out a little cry as it smacked him on the way over. At a certain point though, it stopped being funny and was just plain awful. 

It wasn’t bad because he got hit once, it was bad because the blade kept slashing left and right, hitting him every single time. That’s not even the worst of it: I couldn’t get him out. I kept trying to walk over to him and pick him up, but Link wasn’t fast enough to pick him up before the blade would return and not only hit Makar but Link as well. I had to think outside the box — Makar’s screams were starting to drive us crazy.

We were sitting there for about 15-20 minutes trying to get the little Korok out of the blade’s path. I tried the Deku Leaf, the Hookshot, and the “Command Melody”. Each one hardly did a thing. I’m very sure the reason I didn’t use the metal block to guard Makar was that I had already pushed it into the chasm at the end, used to cross over to the bosses room.

My friend was begging me to save and reset the game, but I didn’t want to. I would have to traverse the whole dungeon all over again to get to that last room! I mean, yes, Makar would be safe, but to have to do the whole Wind Temple — my least favorite Wind Waker dungeon — all over again? I know not all the puzzles would be reset, but it was still quite a chore. I didn’t give up, and I kept trying to free my little buddy.

Over and over I would keep failing. I had to use several potions to restore my own health after how many times I got hit with that razor. All I had to do was move him enough so that he or Link was out of reach of the blade. After all that time, I used one last “Command Melody” and moved him just enough that could pick him up and just be grazed by the blade’s reach, not taking any damage and being able to carry him away from the vicious trap.

At last, Makar was saved, and what did I do? I chucked him across the room, hoping he would reach the other side safely. Instead, he fell off the side of the platform and I had to go down and rescue him from the creatures that lurked beneath. Still, that was easier to do than releasing him from the stupid blade.

Makar, I swear to Hylia if you get caught in one more trap…

Frustrated with everything, I completed the dungeon and could hardly enjoy my favorite boss battle with Molgera with those screams still lingering in my head. Did I mention that the Wind Temple is my least favorite dungeon? Because after this whole experience, it always will be just that.