Last week Nintendo fans were treated to an exceptionally good Nintendo Direct. (You can watch us talk over it on our Twitch channel!) Of course, the big news for us here at Zelda Universe was the announcement of a stupendous looking remake of Link’s Awakening, a beloved side-story in the Zelda franchise.

While there’s plenty to look at over at Nintendo’s official listing for the game, there was one very curious detail of note: the number of players is left as “to be determined.”

If this were a YouTube thumbnail there would be a red circle and 8 arrows in case you missed it.

It’s safe to determine that Link’s Awakening would probably only ever have a single-player reference, but this open-ended listing hints at more than just a simple remake. The skeptic in us says that it could just be an odd oversight. However, when taken with the dialogue at the end of the Direct video, “We will have more details to discuss at a later date,” we can assume this game is adding something else to the package. That’s especially true if they’re hoping to charge upwards of $50 or $60 for it. 

So what is it going to be? Wild speculation has been flying around the Zelda Universe office like an all-out Nerf war over Breath of the Wild vs. Ocarina of Time. Overall, we think it will be one of two general things!

First, we may see another Four Swords style attachment. Similar to how the original adventure was attached to the Link to the Past for GameBoy Advanced, we might see a second multi-player focused adventure as a separate mode. Some have even suggested that the main story will even allow for multiplayer, which would be a great co-op experience for lesser-skilled players to enjoy with their friends!

Ruin your friendships all over again!

The other idea looks more to the multi-player games associated with Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. In those two DS releases, there were different versus mini-games. In Phantom Hourglass, you could even play online! Both fortunately featured single-card download play so getting friends together didn’t require a complex investment like Four Swords Adventures.

But those are just our thoughts; we are incredibly curious to see what’s next for this remake. Barring any surprise Directs, we expect to hear more coming up at E3 in June. We’re already just over 3 months away!