Earlier this week, YouTuber Skelux posted a video that delves into the previously unknown “Minus World” of the first Legend of Zelda for NES, proving that even decades later we are still unearthing new things about classic video games.

The 9-minute video gives a brief glimpse into this strange part of Hyrule we were never meant to see. By surpassing the developer code that usually prevents players (and even hackers) from accessing this hidden information, Skelux takes us through a handful of new screens, dodging Octoroks that spit boomerangs, and a glitched-out Manhandla comprised of Zoras and Ghinis.

While this is new for The Legend of Zelda, such areas have been known for a while in other titles, the most noteworthy example being World -1 in Super Mario Bros. By performing a few simple tricks, players can slide their way into “hidden” levels (though the glitches have been removed in some remakes). The term “minus world” is derived from the aforementioned Super Mario Bros. level, in which a blank graphic makes it appear to be called “World -1”.

Watch Skelux’s full video below:

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