It could be argued that Dragon Roost Island is The Wind Waker’s most iconic location. Not only is it home to the game’s first proper dungeon (and catchiest music), but arriving there for the first time introduces the player to the game’s titular mechanic as well as memorable characters. So it makes sense that Mario would visit this famous island on his globe-trotting odyssey — even if he needs some help from a fan to do it.

Modder ItzSka took on the challenge of blending the two games together, and the result is wonderful. Wind Waker’s aesthetics work perfectly within Super Mario Odyssey’s world, and the dense nature of the compact Dragon Roost Island provides several ways to explore and secrets to find. While the island itself is pared down — no palm trees or bomb flowers here — the details that are present will put a smile on any Zelda fan’s face; from Goombas wearing green hats to Triforce-shaped Power Moons, and even spins on a few of Dragon Roost’s puzzles.

Check out BeardBear’s gameplay footage of the custom kingdom below, and if you’re feeling brave enough to risk modding the game under Nintendo’s watchful eye you’ll find resources in the video’s description.