20 years. It’s hard to believe.

Ocarina of Time first released in Japan on November 21, 1998. It launched in other territories shortly afterward and changed the gaming industry forever. It’s the game that still, to this day, sits atop Metacritic’s Best Video Games of All Time list at the number one spot, making it the most critically acclaimed video game in history. It is still hailed as the pinnacle of The Legend of Zelda series by a majority of the fanbase, and it took almost two decades for another title in the franchise to even threaten to dethrone its place in the hearts of Zelda fans when Breath of the Wild released last year.

We are calling this month of November “Ocarina Month”, in celebration of Ocarina of Time’s 20th anniversary. Every single one of our regular columns will be dedicated to the game, highlighting our most treasured music tracks, exploring our favorite locations, featuring some of the best artworks from the community, digging up obscure trivia around the wildly varying development phases, and of course, reflect on our most beloved memories of the game. We’ll also be going in depth with some features on the game in an attempt to dissect what makes it so impactful.

Whether you’re a curious newcomer to Zelda or an experienced veteran of the Nintendo 64 classic, we hope you enjoy our coverage of Ocarina of Time over these 30 days. We at Zelda Universe all share a deep passion for the game, best described using a quote from the character Sheik:

“It is something that grows over time… a true friendship. A feeling in the heart that becomes even stronger through time.”