The fighting in Breath of the Wild is one of my favorite elements of the game. Controlling Link during a battle feels very smooth. I often feel like Link is an extension of my body, similar to driving a car. If I mess up, the mistake feels like my fault rather than a product of poor game design. Mastery of the controls is often rewarded with Flurry Rushes, which are a series of hits on an enemy activated by dodging at the correct moment.

The other aspect that makes the fighting fun are the diversity of enemy encampments. They allow for the player to utilize a multitude of strategies. There is never a single method of defeating these hoards of enemies. This element is very prominent in the enemy encampments that surround the Lake Tower.

Realm of Memories is a series where we reflect on our absolute favorite moments in The Legend of Zelda games. These could be the times we first fell in love with a game, were moved by the events of the story or actions of a character, felt triumphant when overcoming a tough boss or challenge, or we had an experience so unique that the adventure truly became our own. The Zelda series has touched our lives in many ways, and just as Hyrule has endless stories to share, so do our writers!

The encampment that surrounds the Lake Tower features multiple routes to the top of the mountain where the tower sits. I often start by going up the path with the Bokoblins. Climbing up the wall gives me the high ground over the path where the monsters sit in wait. My strategy is to toss bombs at the Bokoblins and watch them fly. As they get up (assuming they survive), I take them down with my sword.

After eliminating the Bokoblins on the mountains, I focus on the numerous Lizalfos that are waiting with their arrows and their melee weapons. One particular area features several Lizalfo archers raining down arrows over the main path. An easy way to end the arrow horde is to electrocute the Lizalfos, disarming them and allowing me to steal their weapons. I then kill them one by one without worrying about the other Lizalfos hitting me with arrows.

The most difficult spot in the entire area is an open hill with numerous TNT barrels placed amongst wooden barriers and spiked blockades. Bokoblin Archers and Fire Wizzrobes sit on the hill, waiting for Link to appear. Among them is a very powerful Bokoblin who fires Bomb Arrows.

My first experience in this area ended as he shot a bomb arrow at the TNT barrels, killing me in a frustrating blaze. I had not saved for a while which caused me to restart the entire area. The next time I got to that spot, I saved and then took my time to find the best way to deal with the enemies. The Wizzrobes can be brought down with Ice Arrows and the Bokoblin can be disarmed with an Electric Arrow. Disarming the Bokoblin with the Bomb Arrows and killing the Wizzrobes relieves the worry of blowing up in a glorious ball of fire.

After killing all the enemies in the area surrounding the Lake Tower, I found that my inventory held more weapons and arrows than I ever had before. I found this area to be great for people who are early into the game and need some better weapons and arrows. The most rewarding part comes at the end as I climbed to the top of the Lake Tower and opened up the surrounding area. Any moment in the game that shows off the nice visuals of Hyrule is always welcomed.