There is a resurgence of adventure games in the same style as The Legend of Zelda. It can be a little bit overwhelming to hear about so many new Zelda-like games after so many years of there being few games to scratch that Zelda itch between releases. Even so, I am very excited that we are seeing so many games like the series I love; for a long time I felt there were very few games that I would enjoy.

So, here we go again! Hazelnut Bastille is a brand new 16-bit-style adventure game played in the same style as classic top-down Legend of Zelda games. We’ve had our eyes on it since it was first revealed, and the developer, Aloft Studio, has finally launched their Kickstarter this week. They are looking to raise $65,000 to bring the game to PC, Mac, and Linux. Reaching a stretch goal of $110,000 will add Nintendo Switch to the list of supported platforms. At the time of this writing, they are already about one-third of the way to reaching their initial goal.

Notably, the developers are working with acclaimed composer Hiroki Kikuta, who is best known for his work on Secret of Mana.

Many screenshots, video, audio samples and additional details are available on Kickstarter and the official website. Even better, you can download a playable demo with 2-3 hours of content, including a dungeon that is not present in the final game.