A new and possibly improved version of the Nintendo Switch could be hitting store shelves in the latter half of 2019, if a report by The Wall Street Journal is to be believed.

The article claims that Nintendo is hoping to jump-start the slightly declining sales of the hot new hybrid console. Increased sales also aim to raise their declining stock prices as well.

It is also claimed that Nintendo is debating about what features to include in the new edition of the system, with a new screen being a major consideration. The new screen will aim to increase energy efficiency, allow the screen to be brighter, as well as allow the console to be thinner.

Being reported as an “upgrade”, people have been presuming this is something akin to a “pro” upgrade, much like the PS4 Pro or the Xbox One X. That seems like quite a jump, as this could be more like the “slim” models of those systems, revising the console with little improvements, while decreasing the overall cost.

If all this news is true, we could find out more in the new year.

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