UPDATE: Due to this morning’s earthquake in Hokkaido, Japan, the Nintendo Direct has been postponed for a later time. We will post an update when available.

Nintendo must be revving up the PR machine right now. The third Direct (fourth, if you count the Nindie Showcase) in less than 30 days is going to beam into our prefrontal cortex tomorrow!

Promising 35 minutes of all-you-can-eat Nintendo Entertainment for the 3DS and Switch, we’re curious about what’s on the menu. It’s safe to assume we’ll be seeing something for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (not too much though!) and catching up on Super Mario PartyBowser’s Inside Story for 3DS, and Luigi’s Mansion. Having just gone over indies, the only other thing they’re likely to cover is the Switch Online service, which launches later this month.

The Direct is scheduled for 3pm PST in the US, and 23:00 UK time. Make sure to tune in to Nintendo’s various official video and streaming channels or website to catch a look at what comes next for us!

Now, let the rampant, unchecked speculation begin!

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