There’s something about breaking the limits of a game world and exploring what lies beyond that has become increasingly fascinating since video games made the jump to 3D. Whether developers were just hiding an item until the game needed to call on it, or burying unused and half-completed locales underground, there’s almost always something interesting to be found. And with a game like Breath of the Wild, you may think you’ve seen everything there is to see at long last!

But there’s always something new.

Last year we reported about this world, so some of this might be old hat. However, YouTuber/streamer Mety333 decided to see what else was out there. As you’ll see in the video, Mety333 broke out of his trial-prison to go exploring and found incredibly weird things. Most of these are likely bugs or discarded experiments. However, areas of unnatural darkness, water that burns like fire, and many strange structures are still fascinating no matter why they exist. One almost might wonder things like, “What if they tried to build a world that looked like this in some future game?” or, “What if the entire Water Temple was full of this water lava?”

No? Just us?

Source Youtube
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