August 7, 2018 is the day that Amazon UK will no longer offer a discount on video games for Prime members. Prior to this date, customer could enjoy a £2 discount on physical video game preorders, but that will no longer be the case in a cost-cutting reform that will close the gap with competitors who also sell physical games.

The move will be sure to cause some dissatisfaction and questioning for customers who regularly purchase video games through the online merchant, reducing the value proposition associated with the £79 annual subscription fee.

In America, Amazon have already cut back on their 20 percent discount. The disappearance of video game discounts in the UK may be a stark indication of things to come for fellow gamers across the Atlantic.

Amazon provided reassurance with other existing discounts which will remain in place indefinitely. These include games and in-game items through Twitch, monthly Twitch channel subscriptions, and other general Prime benefits such as Prime Video and One-Day Delivery.

Source Reddit
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