8BitDo are known for making some high quality retro-styled controllers that are also compatible with the Nintendo Switch. Their range has been growing quite substantially over the years, and even include wireless controllers that will work with your old NES, SNES and Genesis consoles.

Now the company has taken things a step further by offering do-it-yourself mod kits for your official controllers to give them wireless functionality. This is great news, as those old controllers have infuriatingly short cords that force you to sit way too close to the enormous televisions of today.

It isn’t just retro consoles that will benefit from these mod kits though. The wireless functionality these DIY kits provide use Bluetooth, meaning that they will be compatible with your PC, Mac, or even your Nintendo Switch. This will make things feel more authentic when you can play those NES games on Nintendo’s upcoming online service with an official NES controller.

You can check out the process of installing the kits in the video below. As you will see, there is no soldering know-how needed, and the whole process is done with just the screwdriver that is included in the kit.

Source 8BitDo
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