Zelda has been covered extensively by the fact-finding blog/video series Did You Know Gaming? over the years, leaving no patch of grass uncut and no breakable pots intact in their search for fascinating trivia. With a world as huge and exciting as the one Breath of the Wild offers, however, a new episode was inevitable — and very welcome!

At almost 14 minutes long, the video is much longer than the average Did You Know Gaming? episode too. When you consider that a video of this length only covers one title as opposed to the Zelda series as a whole, it serves as a reminder of just how dense Breath of the Wild is.

I’m pleased to report that I knew most of the facts in the video, though three minutes in there is a very interesting detail that I’d never heard before regarding internal codenames at Nintendo: The company have used names based on characters and themes from Alice in Wonderland to refer to a number of different Zelda titles.

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How does your Breath of the Wild knowledge hold up?