Last night I found a very welcome surprise nestled in my inbox: a new, free track from the talented Taylor Davis!

Taylor is a versed violinist, notable for her covers of video game and anime themes (though more recently she has also released some impressive albums comprising exclusively of original music). For her latest release, she has once again dipped into her Zelda fandom to deliver a gorgeous cover of Link’s Awakening‘s “Ballad of the Wind Fish”.

The track is free to download for everyone who joins Taylor’s mailing list. She hopes to connect more with her fans through her newsletter, given the increasing obstacles in communication put forth by ever-evolving social media sites. She says in her newsletter, “I feel like I have an increasingly harder time staying in touch with everyone and don’t want you to miss out on important updates, announcements and exclusives because you’re not seeing them on social media!”

Taylor teases “more exclusives only available to my email subscribers” in the future.

Here is a preview of the song below. To download the full version, just follow the link in the tweet and complete a quick survey (it’ll take less than a minute!).

It’s a beautiful cover that effectively captures the mystery and grandeur of the Wind Fish. If you’re new to Taylor and like what you hear, then you should definitely seek out her previous Zelda covers, and the brilliant Melodies of Hyrule album in particular. All of her albums, merch and tour dates are available on her official website, and she has many amazing songs available on her popular YouTube channel.

Thank you Taylor, and please come to the UK again soon!

Source Twitter