The Big N’s E3 presentation is just an hour away, and if you happen to be in New York City this week, you might want to stop by the Nintendo World Store where hands-on demos of both Super Smash Bros. and Mario Tennis Aces for the Switch will be accessible after the show.

Following an in-store livestream of the presentation, Nintendo NYC will let gamers loose on the latest entries in the popular franchises. It’s unknown just how much content will be available in the demos (Nintendo of America’s Bill Trinen has already commented that “a few surprises” for Smash are being withheld), but this will be the first chance for gamers to get a real taste of what we can expect later this year.

Both Super Smash Bros. and Mario Tennis Aces will be playable at Nintendo NYC through Friday, June 15 at specific times, so get in line early if you’re eager to play. The full schedule can be seen below via @NintendoNYC on Twitter.

Source Twitter
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