In Nintendo’s E3 Direct earlier today, Fortnite was one of the games revealed. That was to be expected, being the biggest game going around at the moment. What was surprising though was that it released today! But this is a Zelda site, so why am I talking about Fortnite? I assure you I’m not just after clicks and actually have some tangible news to report on, I promise.

The Treehouse Live footage following the Direct revealed that Fortnite allows voice chat, but if you have fears about busting out your Splatoon headphone splitter to plug into your phone, then fear no more! The game’s voice chat is all handled on the system, meaning you can just plug your headset into the console itself and talk away with your friends. This is a first for the system, and dispels the myth that you need to use the Nintendo app to take advantage of the chat function.

As exciting as this news is, it also brings with it some questions as to how games up to this point have handled voice chat in their games on the system, particularly Nintendo. Why have we had to use our phone all this time with Splatoon 2? Was it just a deterrent to stop us from actually using the chat in the game? Who knows, but this is at least an exciting development for any forthcoming multiplayer games.

Update: Nintendo Soup reports that the voice chat feature will be turned on this Thursday morning.

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