With their E3 2018 showing only a week away, Nintendo has finally revealed the official name for its presentation happening next Tuesday, June 12. This year the presentation will be called “Nintendo Direct: E3 2018,” taking on the familiar branding of Nintendo’s popular and highly anticipated update videos. According to announcements made via Twitter through their various official handles, the E3 Direct will focus on Switch titles coming in 2018 with the new Super Smash Bros. installment as a major topic.

In addition to the presentation name, Nintendo also shared the final schedule for their various events during E3 week. Three tournament events are bookending the presentation, and Nintendo Treehouse Live will be streaming during all three days of E3.

I still remember the excitement of watching Nintendo’s last Smash Bros. Invitational. (That Mega Man Final Smash!) It’s a good thing we’re only a week away. If you, too, are excited to see everything Nintendo has to offer this E3, may we recommend a comfy chair and lots of snacks?