An officially licensed Joy-Con produced by Hori, complete with that greatly anticipated and fabled D-pad, is on its way to the Nintendo Switch after having been announced in recent months.

The packaging fits in with Nintendo’s own red and white Switch-style theme, so it is undoubtedly beautiful, but at the same time players should keep in mind that by getting yourself this D-pad-enabled miracle, you will sacrifice all wireless connectivity. This will mean it has to be attached to your Switch in order to use it (in other words, handheld mode only).

Handheld mode rules out any ability to use it in docked or tabletop mode because of the lack of wireless functionality. Along with that, you will also find that the controller does not have any SL or SR buttons, and players who opt will also have to give up motion controls and HD Rumble on the left-hand side. Fortunately, motion control generally originates from the right Joy-Con, so you will be able to use it with Splatoon 2 or when aiming your bow and arrow in Breath of the Wild. Still, something to keep in mind.

This little left-side, plus-symbol-centered wonder will cost roughly US$25/£18 and is due to only be released in Japan on July 28.

Is this the D-pad solution you have been looking for? Is the tech sacrifice a deal breaker, or are you satisfied with that setup considering the price point?

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