The Japan-exclusive The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild: Master Works, which is packed full of conceptual artwork and other key visuals is now in the public’s hands, and scans of its contents are popping up all over. The newest images making the rounds online are some creepy imaginings of the game’s iconic Guardians.

Games that are in development usually go through a few design cycles until they land on the most suitable look that suits the game, the platform, the time, and the audience, among other factors. Breath of the Wild is no different and this book documents some of the interesting processes behind Link’s eventual post-apocalyptic adventure.

As if Guardians weren’t scary enough with their intense laser beam and that dread-inducing music, have a look at what could have been:


Another piece of art looks back at what Hyrule Castle was like before the Great Calamity destroyed the vast land. Something many fans have been yearning for and imagining is what Hyrule’s aesthetics were like prior to the devastation. This is one image that might appease those thoughts to some degree.

Are you happy with the art style Nintendo went with for Breath of the Wild? Would you like to see a darker, Twilight Princess-like theme going forward, or something new? Share your ideas with us!