Nintendo is very proud to tell everyone about just how much technology they’ve managed to cram into their Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. As such, what better way to celebrate them than to give them a little bit of 1980’s 8-bit retro flair?

ColorWare is a Minnesota-based firm specializing in specialty and customizable video game controllers and phone cases. Their newest product is made for the Nintendo Switch while also celebrating the system’s heritage. It’s not the first Switch controller ColorWare has created, but these new controllers are possibly the coolest in their line. Dubbed the Joy-Cons 8-Bit and Pro Controller 8-Bit, they have a certain nostalgia that’s pleasing to the eye. Sporting the traditional NES colors of gray, black, and red, the entire design will make you beg for Nintendo to finally release a Virtual Console for the Switch.

Perhaps the only downside is the price. These beauties soar easily above both Nintendo’s controllers’ and ColorWare’s own prices. Both Joy-Cons together will set you back an impressive $199 (£141 plus shipping for our friends across the pond), while the Pro Controller 8-Bit costs just a mere $189 (£134) with about a three-week shipping turnaround.

Is decking up your Switch controllers worth the price to get you a color outside of Nintendo’s limited range? Let us know if you’ll be selling a kidney for these lovely controllers!