Figure news is all but pouring out of Japan’s semiannual Wonder Festival convention, bringing with it plenty of new Nintendo-related figure reveals. To be sure, Wonderfest 2018 has had no shortage of surprises, with companies like Kotobukiya and Good Smile Company bringing their A-game with Nintendo properties.

Kicking things off, Good Smile Company’s popular chibi figure line, Nendoroid, has plenty to show for itself with an absolutely adorable Guardian figure from Breath of the Wild; Mega Man X; “Z-Form” Lillie from Pokémon Sun and Moon; and an upcoming single figure release for Green — known as Blue outside of Japan — from the Pokémon series. These figures ooze charm, are easy and fun to pose, and are a delight to display.

A set of Kirby mini-Nendoroid figures, called “Capsule Toy Corocoroids”, will also see release with four different Kirby faces, and various accessories for the pink puff to hold.

Figma, a series of hyper-posable figures by Good Smile Company, will be releasing figures for the Inkling Girl from Splatoon, and Lillie in her “Z-Form” from Pokémon Sun and Moon — because you can’t ever have too much Lillie merchandise. The Inkling Girl will also see a deluxe release, complete with all of the needed accessories for changing her appearance to match with the Inkling Girl on the cover art for Splatoon 2!

Later this year, fans of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will have the opportunity to show their love for the game with scale figures of Pyra and her alternate form, Mythra! These figures look great alone or together, and will be an amazing addition to any shelf or desk.

Finally, Kotobukiya had some absolutely incredible Pokémon figures at the show, featuring highly detailed scale figures of “Z-Form” Lillie with Clefairy and Gary Oak with his Blastoise, from the MegaHouse G.E.M. series, and Green with Eevee from the ARTFXJ series.

Many of these figures are still in early development, as you can see from the prototypes and placeholder art in the images. Aside from Pyra no release timing has been revealed as of yet, meaning you have plenty of time to start checking between the couch cushions for some spare Rupees. You may need to retrieve the Tycoon Wallet from Batreaux if you’re hoping to grab all of these, but there’s no doubt that these figures will be phenomenal additions to anyone’s collection.

Do any of these figures tempt you to throw money at your screen? Leave a comment down below and let us know what figure you’re dying to get your hands on!