Recently, the ZU team was at PAX South doing a panel on Breath of the Wild and the future of the Zelda series. However, as you may know, dozens more panels were also held during the three day convention, and one of these was held by the people from With a Terrible Fate, a group of video game analysts who aim to display how video games work as a storytelling medium.

Of course, with a name like “With a Terrible Fate”, you can bet that many of their analytical articles center around Zelda. They have an extensive series analyzing Majora’s Mask and its dialogue, characters, and settings, as well as a series exploring the outcome of Link between the Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess games, and a feature article on Link’s characterization on Breath of the WildBut it doesn’t end there. They also analyze other games, such as Kingdom Hearts, Metroid, Dark Souls, and many more.

Back to their panel, though. In this case, the team from With a Terrible Fate wanted to explore videogame “canon”. And by “canon” they don’t mean a series of official canonical events, such as those found in story-telling franchises, but rather a canon of works — video games that have made significant contributions to how storytelling is portrayed and executed in video games.

And that is where Ocarina of Time walks in. As all of you guys may know, Ocarina of Time‘s initial impact back in 1998 was huge, both graphically and gameplay-wise, but it was also impactful storytelling-wise. It created a new way that Nintendo could portray a Zelda story, and it eventually became the go-to formula for many years to come. Check out With a Terrible Fate’s panel and see what they have to say:

With a Terrible Fate also talks about how storytelling in video games is done differently than in movies or in books, and how even though a game may be portraying the same story found in a movie, the impact may not be the same. With a Terrible Fate will also be attending this upcoming PAX East, so if you will be attending, make sure to head over to their panel!

These guys are definitely worth checking out, so if you have time to spare for a good read, definitely head over to With a Terrible Fate!