It won’t be much longer until Bayonetta makes her first appearance on Nintendo Switch. To celebrate, a short trailer for Bayonetta 2 has released, showcasing some of what to expect from the two-pack of titles. With fast-paced, Angel-smashing action these games put the witch in Switch, amounting to a team-up of titles that are an absolute must-play. Check out the trailer below to see this sassy, bold, and beautiful Umbra Witch taking matters into her own hands.

Much like their Wii U iterations, the Switch ports will feature special Nintendo content in the form of costumes that will give Bayonetta a few familiar looks. These outfits can be unlocked immediately using amiibo figures, or by obtaining the Super Mirror 64 in-game item, and will allow players to choose from Peach, Daisy, Samus, or Link outfits for the titular protagonist in her original outing. Not only do these ensembles look awesome, but they will also change some aspects of the game, such as replacing collectible Halos with Rupees when in the Link garb, equipping players with the Hylian shield, or allowing Bayonetta to maneuver through environments as Samus’ Morph Ball form.

In Bayonetta 2, players can look forward to unlocking a set of outfits that will provide Bayonetta with a stylized Fox McCloud getup, or Jeanne — Bayonetta’s best friend and rival — with a fitting Falco Lombardi costume. These outfits not only pay homage to PlatinumGames’s work with Star Fox Zero but also provide some interesting in-game changes, which we won’t spoil here!

Fans and newcomers to the series can look forward to unleashing their Wicked Weaves when Bayonetta 1&2 arrive on Nintendo Switch on February 16.