The Legend of Zelda has quite an array of engaging boss battles, and it’s very rare that I find one of these monstrous foes that are not challenging or entertaining. However, that all changed when I played Ocarina of Time.

Now don’t get me wrong, Ocarina of Time had plenty of good boss battles: Phantom Ganon, King Dodongo, and Twinrova being a few of them that stood out to me. Unfortunately, it also contained a boss that would give me the most underwhelming fight that I’ve ever endured, and it all started with the Water Temple.

I was one of the unfortunate souls who had a difficult time navigating through this treacherous dungeon, and quite honestly, I’ve phased most of that tedious time from my memories. There are three things I do remember, though:

  1. This dungeon was hard. Like, really hard.
  2. I got so frustrated with Dark Link that I just took out the Megaton Hammer and bashed him to death with it.
  3. The fight with Morpha was the worst boss battle I’ve ever experienced.

The last thing I recall before entering the big bad’s lair was how long it took me to get past those darn spike traps on the ramp. I tried to run, but then I would slow down and start to slide backward. I tried my new Longshot, yet there was nowhere to target. Time after time I kept trying to reach the top. The golden, horned lock was beckoning me! You’re almost there!

At last, I had made it to the top. I clicked the key into the lock and the large door opened. I entered the room, eagerly awaiting the beast that I would soon face.

Navi cried out, “Link! Look out! That isn’t normal water over there!” Carefully, I jumped over to one of the platforms in the eerie liquid, scanning the room for any signs of life. Suddenly, you’re underwater, seeing through the eye of the beast. It gets closer, stalking you from beneath the surface. I clenched my controller, excited and terrified at the same time — that is until I actually saw it.

A big, squiggly tentacle with an eyeball.

Now, I had played Twilight Princess long before I finally got my hands on Ocarina of Time, so seeing itty-bitty Morpha compared to the horrendous atrocity that is Morpheel was really underwhelming. I tried to shake it off and continue on with the battle. With my prior experience, I already knew what I had to do to defeat this boss. I launched the Longshot and snagged his eyeball. About four swipes with the Biggoron sword and that was it. The amoeba evaporated and Morpha was no more. I had literally taken this boss down within seconds. Seconds! I beat this boss faster than I did Queen Gohma, who also took less than a minute, but at least she attacked back!

As disappointing as that was, it wasn’t even the saddest part of this fight. When the Heart Container appeared, I kind of dropped my hands, still holding the controller, in my lap, baffled by this underwhelming fight, and it caused Link to backflip into the wall of spikes. I was prepared for a boss fight, and yet the only thing I took damage from was the scenery — after the boss had already been defeated.

the only thing I took damage from was the scenery — after the boss had already been defeated.

I’ve heard other people’s experiences with Morpha being a lot different, some proving to have quite a difficult time with the beast. I’m sure there are some of you readers who absolutely loved this battle, whether it was super easy or extremely challenging, but as for me, it was a poor way to end one of the most trivial dungeons in Zelda history. I know Morpheel wasn’t a huge step up as that boss also doesn’t do much, but personally, I will take the giant, horrendous fish creature over Blobby Tentacle Eye any day.