A recent press release from Nintendo reveals NPD sales data for the United States market in December, showcasing a tremendously successful holiday season for the company. Over the five-week period, Nintendo managed to sell through 1.5 million Nintendo Switch consoles in the region. This comes only weeks after it was announced that the Nintendo Switch had become the all-time fastest-selling console in the United States, selling a record 4.8 million units in under ten months.

December also marked the strongest sales month for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems since December 2014, moving over 750,000 units across all models at market. This number represents a 27 percent increase in sales over the same period in 2016 and pushes the handheld system to a new milestone of 21 million lifetime units sold in the United States.

All told, the combined sales of the Super NES Classic Edition and Nintendo 3DS family of systems accounted for more than half of the total number of Nintendo consoles sold for the month. Including the 350,000 Super NES Classic Edition units, as well as Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS family sales, the company managed to overtake a grand total of 2.6 million consoles throughout December in the United States alone.

Nintendo of Canada has also confirmed that over the ten-month period since launch, the Nintendo Switch has become the fastest-selling console in the country, as well. The strong sales exhibited by the system have placed its trajectory ahead of even that of the Wii, the previous record holder for the fastest-selling console in Canada.

Outside of North America, Nintendo’s success continues, as sales numbers for Switch are on the rise around the globe. In Germany, reports indicate that Nintendo’s latest hardware offering has moved over 600,000 units, making it the all-time best-selling console for the country. Spain, too, has reported that the Nintendo Switch has shattered sales goals and expectations to become the best-selling console for that region as well. Finally, Nintendo Switch has cleared over 20,000 units sold in Portugal, vaulting over Wii U lifetime sales in only a matter of months. This is perhaps attributable to the smaller market within that country, but an impressive¬†feat nonetheless.

Nintendo’s triumph doesn’t end there, though, as an article featured on Financial Times states that the recently announced DIY lineup of interactive cardboard experiences, called Nintendo Labo, has added nearly $1.4 billion to Nintendo’s corporate value. This move toward tangible, buildable activities not only creates new interest in the hybrid gaming device but also creates a family-friendly image which could push the console further into the mainstream.

It’s certainly wonderful to see Nintendo’s return to form, with a booming holiday season behind them, and a promising, yet shockingly open year ahead of them. Leave a comment below and let us know what you’re looking forward to seeing on Nintendo Switch in 2018!