The week of spectacular video games performed with great speed is upon us once more! Awesome Games Done Quick is back to help raise money to fight cancer, and we’re highlighting all the places to be for your favorite Zelda games.

If you’re unaware of this whole phenomenon, Awesome Games Done Quick is an annual show where people come together to perform amazing video game feats on display for a world-wide internet audience. During this week, you can watch the shows and donate to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Games done so quick that they might be wearing Pegasus Boots.

Below are all of the relevant games included this year, and the time they start (in Central Standard Time).The show has already started with a bunch of other games that will continue through the week. You can watch it all on Twitch here.

  • Friday January 12 at 8:47pm – Ocarina of Time by ZFG in a 100% run on N64
  • Saturday, January 13 at 7:47am – The Legend of Zelda by JSR2gamers, BT, RandomEffekt in a 100% No Up+A 3-Way Race on NES
  • Saturday, January 12 at 6:48pm – A Link to the Past by Andy and ChristosOwen in a Randomizer, no Glitches, Open Mode Race run on SNES
  • Saturday, January 13 at 11:18pm – Breath of the Wild by atz in an All Main Quests (No Amiibo) run on Switch

Zelda fans have some time before they need to glue themselves to Twitch, but if you’re looking for other games to pass the time before the grand Breath of the Wild finale, you can find the full list of games being played here!