If recent reports are anything to go by, A Link Between Worlds, the best-selling 3DS entry in the Zelda series may be resurfacing soon in some form. According to ComicBook.com, outlets such as EGM and Pixelpar have reported that Nintendo of America PR representatives have been “reaching out to journalists, asking for permission to re-quote reviews of the game for promotional purposes.”

Before you get too excited, there are a few possibilities for why this might be happening. Of course, a ported version of A Link Between Worlds for the Nintendo Switch wouldn’t be out of the question, especially considering that the Nintendo 3DS is likely on its last legs. This could potentially open a gateway for additional upgraded ports of 3DS titles to the Switch, which could introduce a whole new audience to the 3DS’ already well-established library of outstanding titles.

It is entirely possible, however, that this might simply be a signal of a release for the title under the Nintendo Selects line of value-priced titles in North America. A Link Between Worlds was originally released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2013 and received a Nintendo Selects release from Nintendo UK in 2015.

Would an HD version of A Link Between Worlds for Nintendo Switch persuade you to part with your rupees again, or for the first time?

  • JonahTHD

    I’d be all up for a ALBW re-release for the Switch. (I’d also be up for a Switch re-release of OoT3D, MM3D, WWHD, & I guess TPHD)

  • Redde

    “Would an HD version of A Link Between Worlds for Nintendo Switch persuade you to part with your rupees”

    Seeing how it would be missing the original version’s 3d effect, not really. Unless Nintendo would implement 3d on the Switch, then I’d be all for ALBW in 3d + HD. The PS3 and 360 had 3d support, so can’t Ninty be arsed to implement it on its home consoles?

    • Darkstar

      Technically, only 3 games on the Wii U had 3D: Assassin’s Creed 3 and two others. So it is possible on the Switch.