A beautiful Breath of the Wild multi-phone folio case has been announced — for Japan only, unfortunately. The case features beautifully embossed iconography including silhouettes of the Divine Beasts and a gold foil Sheikah Eye on the interior, with a golden snap adorned with an engraving of the Triforce. Sporting a subtle design, this case screams: “I adore Zelda, but I’m also highly fashionable.”

Purchases from the My Nintendo Store require a Japanese shipping address, meaning you won’t be able to get your hands on one so easily if you’re located outside the country. Those of us not currently living in Japan will just have to hold out hope for a Western release for this, and other items exclusively sold through the My Nintendo Store.

This case will be available to order until January 9, at a price of ¥2,980, or roughly $26 (USD), and is set for an April 2018 release. A discount is also available for those with a Japanese My Nintendo account, which requires 50 gold coins and will award a 30 percent discount.

Would you like to see products like this made available through Nintendo’s online store outside of Japan?