The Zelda timeline has been debated and disputed by fans since its introduction in 2011. Since then, some fans have been curious about the placement of newer titles in the timeline. While games like A Link Between Worlds hold a more obvious place in the list, Breath of the Wild has continually kept fans theorizing about the game’s chronological placement.

During a recent interview with GamesRadar, Breath of the Wild director Hidemaro Fujibayashi and Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma spoke about the timeline, stating that it’s something in which they are still interested. Speaking about the timeline, Mr. Fujibayashi said, “I wouldn’t say that we’re not concerned with the timeline. It’s obviously something that we know is very important to people, and they do a lot of research on. But I think at this point, we’re not really at the stage where we want to talk about where Breath of the Wild is in the timeline. I think, as with the pixelated food, it’s something that at this point we want to leave up to people’s imaginations.”

Mr. Aonuma said that he thinks there should be some room for speculation regarding the timeline, rather than asserting it as an outright fact. In total, he said, “We published a book with the timeline, but we definitely got comments from users saying, ‘Is this really accurate? I think this should be this way. It’s different.’ And history is always kind of imaginative. It’s left to the person who writes the book. So that’s how we approach it as well. It’s not necessarily that we come up with a game and think, ‘Oh, this is where it fits in the timeline.’ Honestly, lately, we’re kind of scared to say exactly where things are in the timeline for that reason. But we like to leave things to the imagination most of the time.”

It seems that the debate regarding the timeline will wage on, with speculation left to each individual for now. Breath of the Wild features many landmarks and ties to other titles, so it seems hard to say where exactly it falls in the timeline, and without official word from the developers, that’s exactly how it will remain.

How do you feel about the timeline? Does it dispell all doubts about the happenings in Hyrule, or do you prefer to create your own chronology canon? Let us know what you think in the comments, and be sure to hit us with some speculation about which events foreshadow Tingle’s return as the Dark Lord, Tingledorf, in a forthcoming title!