Nintendo is attempting yet again to extend its influence, this time by releasing Breath of the Wild in China. Coming February 1, 2018, players will be able to take advantage of traditional or simplified Chinese text in the game. To see the original announcement detailing the planned release of Breath of the Wild, see the YouTube video below!

Historically, China has been an impossible market for Nintendo to enter. Due to regulations, and a ban on the sale of video game consoles which was lifted in July 2015, Nintendo previously had to sell their products through the iQue brand. Recently, it was announced that Nintendo will be releasing graphically upgraded versions of GameCube and Wii titles for Nvidia Shield TV and Shield tablets in China through a limited license with Nvidia. These steps are indicative of Nintendo’s new global strategy, which could really pay off, given that China is a relatively untapped market for Nintendo.

A Korean language version of the game is also set to release in early 2018, as Nintendo previously announced. These new language options will also be made available for players who have already purchased the game.

With Breath of the Wild picking up ‘Game of the Year’ at The Game Awards 2017, and given the critical acclaim the game has garnered, it’s not much of a surprise that Nintendo is hoping to introduce this much-beloved title to as many players as possible.