As we all eagerly await the final piece of the season pass for Breath of the Wild to drop, I think it’s safe to say most folks have run dry of content. Well pull out your favorite glassware and have a drink of this; patch 1.3.3 came out today with new armor and a new shop!

While certainly not the most amazing of updates, free is always a great price. The new armor, announced earlier this week, is based off the main protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Rex. However, it’s not quite “just another chest in the wild” with this one. Nintendo Life helps us piece together exactly what we need to do to hunt down our new gear.

First, you must go to the middle of the Bridge of Hylia and look to the southern sky for a red falling star. Follow its path and you’ll be treated to a piece of your armor. You’ll do the same in Skull Lake while looking to the east, and at the peak of Hebra and look southeast.

After you’ve found your spiffy new armor, head on over to Tarrey Town and talk to Granté. He’ll open up shop for you to purchase back any piece of DLC armor you’ve already acquired from out in the wild. So if your best mate thought it would be funny to sell off your sweet Majora’s Mask, rest assured that somehow it ended up in Tarrey Town, and everybody should be terribly, terribly afraid. Except you, because you can buy it back now.

Finally, the patch also opens up the ability to scan in the new Champions Amiibo and receive your super cool looking Divine Beast helmets. All of this to prep yourself for the upcoming Champions’ Ballad coming sometime next month, according to Reggie Phils-aime.

  • Vladislak

    Two things: Firstly, perhaps it would have been wise to not spoil EXACTLY how to get the Xenoblade 2 armor, some people want to find it for themselves so at the very least a spoiler warning would be advised. I’d already solved the sidequests riddles to find it, but others may not have.

    Secondly, Granté’s shop actually isn’t new, it’s been there since the game released. They did however, recently add the ability to rebuy DLC equipment, which was the one kind of equipment you couldn’t buy back from Granté.