Just when we thought we had our wallets almost closed after the launches of the Switch, Breath of the Wild, and Super Mario Odyssey this year, Nintendo has recently provided a helpful infographic, clearly with the intention of being hit square on the nose with all the money we will willing throw at them. The infographic features an expanded overview of the offering of key titles right into early 2018.

There is a reminder of titles that are already ready available along with upcoming releases which include the likes of FIFA 18, Skyrim, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Mario Party: The Top 100, Fire Emblem Warriors, and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus to name but a few.

With Pokémon Ultra Sun/Moon out very soon, this is a ruthless infographic which provides further evidence that this is arguably the best ever year for Nintendo in terms of the sheer amount of highly rated games.

While it is great to see some fantastic third-party games putting their sore, weary feet up at home on the Switch, one easily overlooked negative is the lack of 3D functionality in upcoming 3DS titles (and even New 3DS in the form of Fire Emblem Warriors), and this stings a little bit. Regardless of the console being so far into its twilight years, Midna is using it as a makeshift mirror having got rid of that ridiculously oversized Mirror of Twilight (we can only assume). Having said that, who can argue with the quality and stature of the releases due within this infographic?

It’s quite likely to be tempted to buy some, if not all of these games. Which ones tempt you most?

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