Nintendo has been recording how we use our Switch consoles, and it turns out players actually love playing it as both a handheld and on the TV.

Published as part of the recent financial briefing, Nintendo showed us how we primarily play their newest console, with 20 percent primarily being enjoyed on the TV, 30 percent having fun with the portability of the machine in handheld or tabletop mode, and an incredible 50 percent taking advantage of both.

It’s interesting to see how varied the results are. While there is a clear dominance of the use of both modes, the graph might suggest that the Switch goes some way to accommodating different types of gamers with variations in lifestyles. This breaks down barriers to playing home console-quality games in the most suitable way for the individual, whether that’s maximizing visuals on a TV screen, or squeezing in quality gaming time in an airplane cabin on a commute.

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