Nintendo have officially licensed what they call “Lunchbox Kits” for Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey, which come complete with a Joy-Con “comfort grip” (does this mean we’ve been using the “torture grip” all this time?), earbuds, a screen protector and applicator and a snazzy Zelda or Mario cleaning cloth.

The Zelda variation of the black lunchbox is beautifully plastered with Link scaling an increasingly towering cliff, overlooking the vast Hyrulian landscape in an image you may be familiar with on the opening screen of the game. This image is also found in the centre of the comfort grip, as opposed to the more plain-looking standard grips we have been used to thus far. A beautiful blue Zelda-branded cleaning cloth comes packaged to spare your screen from encrusting your greasy sandwich-laden hands.

Even Link climbs up the walls for a good feed

A Super Mario Odyssey version is available if you fancy storing some New Donk City style bagels securely in this red tin box with the standard game cover art. There is also the alternative option of a Cappy themed graphic as a lunch time showpiece. The game cover art is sprawled across the cleaning cloth with both options, while the red comfort grip provides a visual of Cappy a few inches above a joyful, hatless Mario below.

The “Cityscape” edition

The “Character Splash” edition

The kits, which are highly likely to be more fitting for your actual lunch rather than storage for your Switch console (it isn’t explicitly mentioned), are produced by PowerA and have been announced for launch in North America, with the Zelda option coming your way on November 6. If you are opting of the Mario options, you’ll have to struggle with a less Nintendo-orientated lunch container solution until 15 November.

All three “Lunchbox Kits” can be purchased on Amazon for $29.99 and they can be found directly in the links below.