Are you gearing up to take on a big enemy in Breath of the Wild? Cooking meals beforehand can often save your skin against that Lynel, or at the very least make it slightly less daunting. This week, “Tips from the Wild” returns, and this time director Hidemaro Fujibayashi wants you to be mighty!

If you’re looking to gain the advantage in a fight, or go into a battle with a bit of an edge, this entry will be there for you. Launching Breath of the Wild from the latest “Tips from the Wild” update will gift you with the ingredients necessary to make a Mighty Salt-Grilled Crab; a recipe which adds three points to your strength attribute. Once you receive your Razorclaw Crab, Mighty Porgy, Mighty Bananas, and Rock Salt from the News channel, cook them together and steel yourself for battle against Hyrule’s biggest foes! Just be sure to pack plenty of extra weapons, because you’re not taking them down bare-handed, slugger.

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