Admit it, we’ve all fantasized about being able to play “Zelda’s Lullaby” or “Epona’s Song” on an ocarina. Link makes it look so easy, but sadly it’s actually a pretty difficult instrument to play. Thankfully, ThinkGeek take the difficulty level way down with their electronic ocarina, which is available now.

For just $29.99 you too can play Ocarina of Time’s classic melodies without having to memorize all the notes! There’s two modes to the ocarina: Classic Mode and Free-Play Mode. Classic Mode will unlock a hidden song which it will play if you press the correct 6 buttons, and Free-Play Mode lets you freestyle and jam to your own tune.

Included in the Classic Mode is:

  • Zelda’s Lullaby
  • Epona’s Song
  • Saria’s Song
  • Song of Time
  • Sun’s Song
  • Song of Storms

The ocarina even comes with an illustrated music book and a stand! Buying this will be the closest many of us come to being part of the Symphony of Goddesses! And probably the closest we’ll get to making Darunia dance to our version of Saria’s Song.

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