The Zelda community must be one of the most creative and inspired fanbases around. From incredible LEGO builds to a Red Lion inspired rocking horse, the Zelda community sure loves to show their passion for the franchise in exciting ways. But Youtuber Coloniser took his creativity a step further by creating films based on The Legend of Zelda, with his most recent labour of love being a 10-year-in-the-making movie.

The newest movie, Dark Sage: Finale is a prequel to Coloniser’s other releases and expands on the original story. Since he started making this movie, there have been various Zelda games released, but he “tried to pay homage” to each “in some form or another”. Plus it was meant to be at the end of a timeline from Zelda, but Breath of the Wild has confused this a bit, so let’s avoid timeline placement with Dark Sage: Finale.

Coloniser did admit that some of the effects are dated due to “technological restrictions when the project first started”, which means certain aspects like sound or visuals do “remain unfinished”. Plus Coloniser had to balance working on this project and raising his first born child, which he admits made him more “realistic” and helped him “draw a line in the sand on what was becoming an impossible dream.”

Despite all of Coloniser’s humility, we’re incredibly impressed with the Dark Siege: Finale. Ten years is a huge amount of time to spend working on a labour of love, and he achieved something incredible. Coloniser also admits that he was “working on it as a personal challenge, not to prove myself to anyone”, which is an admirable statement. Plus Coloniser has the exciting chance now to “embrace the next adventure of fatherhood”, and all of us at Zelda Universe wish him the best in this!

Let us know your thoughts on Dark Siege: Finale!

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