“This is actually a bit embarrassing for me to admit, but… although I am indeed a boat that possesses the power of speech… I possess no sail.”

Fortunately, here is a King of Red Lions boat which doesn’t need a sail, as Reddit user Ryksnout created this awesome Wind Waker-inspired rocking horse for his son.

This is just one of many fan-made projects which are based on Zelda characters or locations. Earlier this year a reconstruction of Impa’s house from Breath of the Wild was made out of Lego! But this King of Red Lions creation stands out as it’s actually a functioning toy. It must have won some serious dad points for the creator too.

It’s always great to see how inspired fans can get by Zelda. I’m sure Ryksnout’s son adores this rocking horse and will become a huge Zelda fan just like his dad. We always loving seeing any fan creations or drawings here at Zelda Universe, so be sure to send pictures of anything you have created! The bar has been set pretty high with this rocking horse.

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