You might have heard that the latest update to the Nintendo Switch firmware allows users to record short video clips, but thanks to the wonderful people over at GameXplain, we now have confirmation of some additional features that were stealthily added to the Nintendo Switch in the latest update.

Nintendo Switch owners are now able to plug in their GameCube controller adapter, released alongside Super Smash Bros. for Wii U,  and play games on the Nintendo Switch using the beloved GameCube pad. It’s unknown if this feature might be alluding to any future implementation of the adapter, such as a new iteration of Super Smash Bros., or possibly even GameCube games on Virtual Console, but it’s still interesting to see the added functionality.

Trying to play some games designed for the Switch using the GameCube controller can be a bit problematic, as the GameCube controller is missing a few buttons from the Joy-Con or Pro Controller layout. Without a minus button or clickable thumbsticks, it becomes impossible to do some of the most basic tasks in games like Breath of the Wild. Additionally, the button placement is also quite different from more modern controllers, so it might take a little time to reacquaint yourself.

The latest firmware update also added functionality for wireless headphones, as long as they connect via a USB dongle. For more information on other recently added Nintendo Switch features, check out our coverage right here!